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Who Cares?...
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This column began as a piece about summer; the revival of ones spirit as they smile at the sun, embrace each day and perhaps reminisce on days gone by.
Then…Adam Lambert ‘came out’ to Rolling Stone magazine.
Like most offices, ours here at The Leader is filled with men and women of varying generations, not to mention opinions. While, we spend much of our time reporting and discussing local occurrences, the outside world provides us with a number of topics to weigh in on — daily.
So, on this day — the day I decided to get ahead a bit and write my column — someone had to breeze by my desk and share, “Did you hear? Adam Lambert came out to Rolling Stone.”
This breaking news was shared on a Tuesday, in the middle of the day, when much of our staff is on hand putting the final touches on the Wednesday paper.
My first reaction, was what I have felt all along…who cares? The relevance of this issue and how it weighs on the level of this artist’s talent is totally lost on me. Whether he has a boyfriend, girlfriend or no friend it really makes no difference to me. The guy is talented. The years of support his parents have dedicated to him and his passion are evident. Now, go and have a happy career.
Shortly following my response to this passing person, one of my colleagues quickly pointed out how smart it was of him to keep that on the down low until the end of American Idol. Again — I don’t get it.
Apparently, I have forgotten what it is like to be a 13-year-old girl. What it is like to have a mad crush on a celebrity, only to later learn he does not fancy girls.
This, of course, spins itself into an entire conversation on how this knowledge, prior to the finale would have affected the vote. As the discussion opens up, it is insinuated that while much of the teen audience was probably voting for other contestants, the few (teens) that were voting for him might not have with this knowledge.
This is where I should also point out that members of our staff, both editorial and office are good for ‘schooling’ me on many things. This Tuesday was one of those days.
As everyone tried to help me get back into my 13-year-old mind, stories of teen crushes revealed themselves. A few of us girls traveled down memory lane. Recalling our plans to become the future Mrs. (Insert teen beat hunk name here).
Mine, of course, was Scott Baio. I just knew someday we would unite and that the hearts and sentiments that filled the cover of my Pee Chee folder would someday find its way into our marriage scrapbook.
Years later, I may not have learned of him preferring boys to girls, but I did learn he was a bit of a “player.” Knowledge of this had me doubting the media. This absolutely could not possibly be true. After all, his mom was so sweet and supportive and he was a good family guy.
For a few years I tried to rationalize his behavior, every effort being made to spin this report in his favor. Only later to learn, by his own admission on an interview that he did indeed fancy women, lots of women.
I must say I was not only disappointed, but completely disgusted. I thought I knew him so well. In all honesty, I probably would have been less disappointed if he would have admitted to fancying men over women. That I could live with.  Being another hole punch on his dance card, now that was a totally different story.
So, I guess in the end the answer to my burning question is simple — lots of people care. Our society spends more time following the lives of people we do not even know, than keeping in touch with those related to us. Perhaps to some it is intriguing, fascinating or rewarding to know that even the upper crust face every day issues.
Personally, I just wish Scott Baio would have been a one-lady man, this could have been so much simpler then.