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Mullins - VH

Fire season, this column is dedicated to all the many firefighters who are working terrible long hours in tremendous heat, their hard work is so greatly appreciated. As I write this column I have just received word that a fire engine is stationed at my cousin Brad’s home in Jamestown! The family is evacuated, with the fire moving toward their property, on TV a plane can be seen dropping fire retardant, a huge blanket of red can be seen up on the nearby ridge moving their way! We have always supported our local fire department in every way we could, years back community members worked tirelessly to pass a measure that would keep our fire station open. I remember well the long hours walking precincts with then-Fire Chief Bill Houk along with several folks from the community of Knights Ferry. Efforts paid off and the measure passed, wow; were we excited. Station doors open staffed 24/7 and Chief was able to hire several new firefighters! It was a wonderful time, the new hires have proven themselves over and over, training, earning certs, hard work, devotion to our areas, we are blessed! Some things have changed over the years but the dedication, caring, and hard work that our firefighters demonstrate makes a difference in our lives daily. We are thankful for the men and women who dedicate themselves to helping all! With this being a particularly high fire season, their days and nights are long and sometimes very dangerous, we are grateful to them. So as I finish my column this week I am so thankful for these hard working firefighters. Whether they are here in Valley Home, standing by my cousin Brad’s yard in Jamestown, or in Scottsdale, Arizona, wherever they are, from our Valley Home community, we are deeply and sincerely thankful to each of you!



As always you may reach me by email at Until next time, “Happy Trails to All!”