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Mommy Musings - The Magic
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So, I have a confession.
I have honestly spent the better part of the last week trying to find a topic to write about other than my children and the holidays. The date of this issue is, after all, December 22, so it would only seem natural and obvious to address the season.
But I do that every year.
This is the argument playing out in my head — again and again and again. As deadline approaches all I can see and think about are my children. The joy on their faces and squeal in their voices as they speak of Santa and a pending family vacation (topic for another day).
So, since this is ‘Mommy Musings’ and that is who I am, forgive me. I must, for this issue, remain predictable.
As the years pass on and our children grow older and change, so too does the holiday season. Examples of this would be our recent discovery of our son’s love for clip-on ties and our daughter’s obsession with Saint Nick.
The tie thing is truly in keeping with our son’s personality. He loves all things ‘fancy,’ as his sister puts it and ‘dressy’ as mommy prefers to call it. Dress shoes or loafers over sneakers, Aviator jacket over ski parka and well … tie over T-shirt.
He is six, so who knows how long this will continue. For now, it appears as if he has uptight parents preparing him for a career in banking. Truth be told, our Alex P. Keaton throwback is his own man and that is what we love about him. Our youngest, oddly, is every bit like I was as a child. Something our family finds entertaining, as well as bewildering and often annoying. Her personality is strong and there is little doubt that she will do just fine making her way through this world.
To that point, several weeks ago she greeted me in the morning, reviewing what we would be doing that day. The day included holiday photos for the grandparents and a visit to see Santa.
“Mommy,” she said, “when I see Santa today … I am going to cry.
“I don’t like his beard.”
Considering myself forewarned, I informed her that was fine, but we would be stopping by to say hi. It’s tradition, after all, and a screaming child photo on the knee of Saint Nick is always welcome in our family photo album.
With holiday photos behind us, we ventured down the mall to pay a visit to the fat man in the red suit. Resistance ensued, as her brother quickly took his spot on a knee and rattled off his wishes. In time, his sister reluctantly joined him, with no tears and a beautiful made-to-order smile.
Proudly proclaiming she had ‘seen Santa,’ the stalking began. Circling through the mall finishing up some shopping “Hi Santa… Hey Santa … Hi there Santa,” could be heard from every corner we visited, her little hand waving with enthusiasm as she struggled to keep her feet on the ground.
She’s the first to admit, she is still unsure about his lap, but at the same time it is clear he is definitely her new best friend.
So, what’s different about my children versus anyone else’s? Well, that is simple and can be summed up in one word — nothing.
They are all amazing, these little people we are trusted with. Their thoughts and discoveries are a mile a minute and sadly if you don’t pay attention … you’ll miss it.
What I love about this time of the year, is that it reminds me of so much. It reminds me of how blessed my family is. It reminds me of how blessed I am.
Most importantly it reminds me that the magic of the holiday will not come with a big red bow under my tree or in my driveway. The magic was given to me over 20 years ago when I first met my husband and then enhanced two times over with the birth of our children.
The crescendo of the past year’s journey will slowly start on the evening of Friday, December 24 and peak the following morning. The magic, however, will continue. The magic never ends. The holidays are just one of the many opportunities we are gifted to reflect, recognize and accept all of our blessings.

Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.