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Letters To The Editor 9-12-18
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Important Decision Looms


Dear Editor,

Important decisions are approaching with the Nov. 6 election. One of those decisions will be your choice on what candidates have earned your vote for the Oak Valley Hospital District Board of Directors.

There are three open seats for the five member Board of Directors. There are four individuals running for those seats. And, this is where the word ‘individual’ enters the discussion.

Recently, three of the candidates have created a collective election sign, with all three names appearing on a sample type ballot with check marks by each name. Are they running as a unit? Why are they not campaigning with their own individual messages, rather choosing to group together, giving the impression that a ‘vote for one is a vote for all three.’ Is that how they propose to make decisions while serving on the District’s Board of Directors? Are they trying to tell us ‘we will always vote the same’?

It would seem with two incumbents and one newcomer, they would want to present their own individual goals as an elected member of the District, especially a new candidate who is choosing to run as part of the trio.

With those concerns, I’m more confident than ever with my decision to support Dr. Chet Mahida as he runs for the elected position on the Hospital’s BOD.

Dr. Mahida has worked within the hospital system, with employees and patients in nearly every department and Clinic. He knows the employees who he works with daily and understands the need for quality medical care in our community. The hospital will benefit when Dr. Mahida becomes an elected Board member, where his experience, knowledge and commitment to the betterment of OVHD will show when given the opportunity to be one of five voting Board members. He won’t be part of a ‘trio’; rather an intelligent man who will give careful and thorough consideration before making any decision while serving on the Board.

Our community depends on OVHD as a healthcare provider and an employer to many. We need someone with a comprehensive understanding of not only hospital operations, but of employee recruitment and retention. OVHD has had far too many job openings for too long. Why are those positions not being filled? Dr. Mahida will ask those questions that have been left unanswered for far too long.

By absentee ballot or on Nov. 6, join me and others to vote for Dr. Chet Mahida, an independent voice for the Oak Valley Hospital District – Board of Directors.


Mickey C. Peabody



Seeking Help For Shoeboxes


Dear Editor,

My name is Kaeli Sweet, I am 17 years old and a senior at Oakdale High School. I would like to tell you about a very important program, Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child is the world’s largest Christmas Project of its kind. The program uses gift-filled shoe boxes to demonstrate God’s love by reaching out to children in need around the world. My goal this year is to fill and ship 150 shoeboxes around the world for Operation Christmas Child.

In 2017, I had a wonderful opportunity to go down to Carlsbad, Southern California. Myself, as well as many others spent three days serving the Lord by going through thousands of shoeboxes to prepare them for shipping. These boxes are shipped to over 150 different countries a year! Many wonder why I have chosen to become so involved so early, and I want to be honest. Last year, going into the trip I was hesitant about the idea, I wanted to help people but I didn’t want to do all the work to get there. If you have met me, you know I am not the type of person to be excited about missing school. I prayed to God he would help me have a better heart and be positive and it turns out I fell in love with the organization. In time, I have realized what a great opportunity this project has been. Now, I get involved trying the help anyway I can with the organization while also juggling school, working, and many other hobbies I enjoy. Being involved with this organization brings me joy, happiness, and it also allows me to grow even closer to God.

Every little bundle of joy (shoebox) that is packed to be sent costs $9. That means my goal to ship my 150 boxes is $1350! This not only covers the shipping costs but also helps cover the cost of the people who travel to give the shoe boxes.

I am in search for filler items for the shoe boxes and donation money. If you have any questions or maybe what kind of filler items can or cannot be packed in a shoe box, what the different age groups are, or just any questions in general, call (209) 499-3611. Also note that will give further information concerning how Operation Christmas Child works.

Kaeli Sweet