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Yes And More On Measure O
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Dear Editor,
Let us give pause for thought. We are forced in our community to do with less state funding. So, Measure O is brought in and we are asked by our city leaders to support it. We are told this is a convenient means to fortify our public safety, to help secure our community against rising crime and potential fire trauma.
I agree. We are in need of help. But, will this measure help us?
I say, we have to do something to help ourselves. Our roads are an embarrassment, gang problems are growing and getting out of hand, auto theft is on the increase. Instead of cutting back on city services, now is the time when we need them more than ever.
If it takes one cent or two cents, even more than the half cent being solicited, I propose we say YES! Let us make Oakdale a model community, a safe city, one others will want to emulate.
YES and more
on Measure O!
Greg Fetter