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Wikoff Is Clear Choice
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Dear Editor,

As I have come to know him, I have come to realize that Bob Wikoff is an exemplary human being having devoted a huge part of his life to making better the lives of others, seeking no reward.

He has served on the OVHD Board for 12 years, these past seven years as president. OVHD advances during Bob’s tenure as president:

• Of the 31 rural hospital districts, OVHD is one of only four recognized as financially worthy of a credit rating by Standard and Poors.

• Bob was instrumental in assuring that OVHD would be the sole owner of the hospital, thus enabling OVHD to move forward with the new hospital.

• Development of the three story medical plaza.

• Upgrade of all imaging equipment (x-ray, ultra sound, mammography, CT and MRI scanning) to use digital technology.

• Installation of the Meditech Hospital Information System (a fully electronic system which has automated all clinical and administrative functions).

• Upgrade of the laboratory analyzers and endoscopic surgical equipment.

• Enhancement of patient safety by adding bedside medication verification.

• Development of the new 122,000 square feet hospital facility.

• All emergency, surgical and ancillary services will be provided, using state of the art technology.

Bob presently serves as president of the Association of California Healthcare Districts (ACHD), unanimously elected to this position by its 72 member districts.

Bob is unsurpassed among the director candidates in his knowledge and insight when discussing healthcare issues with our legislators. As advocate for ACHD, Bob has been to Washington D.C. and regularly attends meetings at the state capitol to garner legislators’ support for the interests of OVHD and Oak Valley Hospital. Bob Wikoff’s powerful presence on the Board of the Association of California Healthcare Districts is influential in presenting Oak Valley Hospital District and all ACHD members’ concerns to California’s state legislators.

For more than 20 years, I have shunned political involvement; however, here I have made an exception, because I care deeply about the healthcare of my family, my friends, and my community and I believe no one will better serve as director of OVHD than Bob Wikoff — he is proven to do the job very well.

Mitchell S. Gagos