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Volunteerism Alive And Kicking
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Dear Editor,
As we all know our economy seems to be dead and therefore is going nowhere. But the army of volunteers in the great city of Oakdale is still alive and kicking. Mr. Frank Clark and his Rotarians did a whale of a job by repairing benches and tables at Kerr Park to be painted by Mr. Prater.
The big barbecue was demolished and rebuilt by Linda Royalty and the Kiwanis. Mr. Darren Hartsfield did the brickwork assisted by his wife Judy.
Mike from Oakdale Ironworks did the welding.
City of Oakdale employees cooperated to the fullest, no red tape was found.
It was once said that the people here in the U.S.A. in the 1940-1950 era were the “Greatest Generation.” I am too old to be a “Boomer” but now we have a great generation of people, talented individuals. I wish that many will follow in their parent’s footsteps and find a service club where they can volunteer. There is a club in town just for you. Please find it.
Perhaps some day you may be called “the greatest Volunteer Generation.” The city needs all of us to keep this town the way it is — great!
Volunteers, a big “thank you” for your service to this community.
Henk Bomer