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Tax Increase Unacceptable
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Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to express serious concern about a possible request to Oakdale citizens to approve an increase in sales tax to allegedly provide a solution to the city budget shortfall problem.

Good management practice dictates that a problem solving process be followed when dealing with problems. First, the problem must be defined. This is quite difficult but if not done all that follows is for naught. Once the problem is defined the cause or causes of the problem must be identified. Alternative solutions are then determined. The optimum solution is then chosen and implemented with follow-up being accomplished.

When my personal expenses exceed my income I go through the problem solving process noted above. The ultimate solution, though, always results in my further tightening my belt until I’m at breakeven.

I can’t go to my neighbor and ask him to forfeit some of his well-being to fund my overspending. That is the message! A sales tax increase is an unacceptable solution to an overspending problem.

What did I just say? Oh my goodness, I may have just defined the problem!


Frank J Kaiser

Capt. USMC (Ret)