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Support For Belinda Abell
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Dear Editor,

I find it encouraging that so many candidates are running for elective office this year in the Oakdale area. Because I have done some volunteer work for the Oak Valley Hospital, I find the number of candidates in that race a very good thing for Oakdale. It demonstrates that the community understands the important role the hospital plays in the health of the community and its citizens.

While I am confident that all candidates are well-intentioned, as well as qualified, the position of Director of the Oak Valley Hospital is a very complicated and demanding one. The hospital has a multi-million dollar budget and is in the midst of constructing a much-needed state-of-the-art replacement hospital. The responsibility of being a board director is a worthy calling.

I have worked closely with one of the many well-qualified candidates whom I can support wholeheartedly. Belinda Abell is conscientious, effective, forthright and has a positive “can do” attitude that is essential to governing an entity as complex as the hospital and its construction endeavor. She not only has the financial and practical experience, but the leadership instincts to lead the hospital through this exciting, but challenging growth phase.

I consider her qualified and ready to serve, not as my friend and associate, but because of her track record and performance.


Henry Raven