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Story Getting Old
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Dear Editor,

I am sick and tired of Mayor Farrell Jackson demanding and receiving special treatment from the Oakdale City police and public works departments!
When Farrell first took office he had a run in with the police department and up to this day it has not stopped.
In my view, Mayor Farrell’s worst action is the most recent development concerning one of his renters. Mayor Farrell works as a manager of the Morrow family properties here in Oakdale. I was told a longtime renter was evicted from one of the Morrow’s properties and tried to return to the property for his belongings. When the renter was unable to contact Farrell, he goes to the owner, Mrs. Morrow to get his personal items. Mrs. Morrow happens to live outside the city and is under the County Sheriff’s jurisdiction. Mrs. Morrow asked her neighbor to call the Oakdale police department to remove the renter. The call was made to the non-emergency number (not 911) and was told that because it’s not an emergency and they are in the county, to call the Sheriff’s Department. As I understand it, the Oakdale Police emergency 911 was never dialed. Why didn’t Mrs. Morrow call 911 if it was an emergency?
Listen to the non-emergency dispatch tape at:
Note the time is 8:23 p.m.
Because the Oakdale dispatcher refers the call to the Sheriff’s dispatch, presumably Mrs. Morrow calls her son-in-law, Mayor Farrell Jackson, who in turn calls the Oakdale Police Chief to take care of this renter. The Chief calls Oakdale dispatch and over the objections of the Oakdale Police Department dispatcher orders an Oakdale Police Officer outside of the city to take care of this personal, non-emergency event. In addition, on the tape the Chief alludes to the fact that Jackson’s son-in-law and wife are there trying to chase this renter away.
Please listen to the dispatch tapes yourself at:–censor.mp3
Note the time is 9:05 p.m., a full 42 minutes after the alleged emergency claimed by Farrell Jackson!
It is all on official police department’s tape. Listen to them yourself.
Instead of doing his job as a landlord or using a bonded eviction service, Mayor Farrell uses the limited resources of the Oakdale Police Department to do his personal bidding The layoffs that we have had have left us with limited protection inside the City of Oakdale and yet an officer is sent to a county residence for a personal renter problem that was not an emergency.
I suggest the mayor hire an eviction service for his personal problems. I know of a good one.

Hans Boggs