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Stop The Bickering; Work Together
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Dear Editor,
As a lifelong area resident, I am saddened by the continuing dissension and disrespect demonstrated at our city council meetings.
Last year, Oakdale elected a strong, competent, highly qualified mayor who listens to our citizens and serves our community in a professional and civil manner. Pat Paul took office during the worst fiscal situation in decades, bringing fresh ideas and willing to make hard decisions to get our city through these difficult times. And she is giving it her all! But at every turn, she is met by criticism and personal attacks by a small faction of naysayers.
Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Garcia: the election is over. You lost. Get over it! Instead of all the negativity, why not put your energy into something positive for your community, such as planting a tree, teaching someone to read, finding a home for a shelter animal. These are just a few of the things that Mayor Pat does to better our community, in addition to countless hours spent on budget and other city issues. She can be found actively participating at almost every senior event, fundraiser and at our growing farmers market. We are fortunate to have her as our mayor. She, and all of our elected officials, deserve your respect and civility.
Let’s all “Oakdale Up” and pull together to support our community. Start by setting political bitterness aside and showing respect and support to our fine mayor and our council.
Carolyn O’Neal