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Right Place, Right Time
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Dear Editor,

I would like to publicly thank a father I only know as ‘Art’ for catching my daughter as she recently fell 12 feet backwards from a play structure.

On Monday, September 21, my children and I visited a Bridle Ridge Park for some fun outdoors. While, there we met Art and his daughters Elise, 4 and Bella, 3 — we were all having a great time enjoying the late summer day.

Moving quickly and not following instruction, my daughter quickly found herself higher than she should have been on the play structure. It was at that moment, when my long time fear was realized as she fell through one of the play structure openings — backwards. Watching her from the other side of the structure, Art quickly ran to her aid and caught her like a football before she free fell to the ground.

If it were not for this selfless act, our day could have ended much differently. So … thank you Art for reacting and being where I could not. I will not soon forget your actions or your kindness.

With much gratitude,

Teresa Hammond