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Dear Editor,
Since Pelosi and her clan, Obama and his Tax Cheats, crooks and Cronies have turn this country up side down through bail outs. Will Obama become the next Hugo Chaves or Hitler regime to exterminate the elderly and children with serious illness. HR-3200 Sec. 1233 dictates to physicians, Democrats say it’s not true.
Advance care planning consultation, the government will dictate what physicians are to look for and report to the secretary.
Part B says an advance care planning consultation with respect to an individual may be conducted more frequently than provided (every 5 years).
The intensity of medical intervention use of artificially administered, nutrition and hydration. There is six pages of this.
An explanation by practitioner of the continuum of end-of-life services.
The reason why such order is beneficial to the individual and family.
The Secretary shall limit requirement for explanations to consultation furnished in a state in which all legal barriers have been addressed.
Instead of bailing out Banks, Automobile Ind., Junk cars, etc., put the money to good use where it belongs Social Security medicare, which most of us paid into and still paying.
Alice Manrique Garcia