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Quality Care Is Here
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Dear Editor,

As I’m in the community campaigning, it is heartwarming to hear so many stories from people who praise the quality of care they have received within our Oak Valley Hospital District in the clinics, the lab, med-surg, ICU, maternity, the Sleep Center, imaging, surgery, rehab, the Care Center and our EMTs. The number of people in this community who access hospital services and want to talk about their care is amazing.

Most people do not realize how many departments there are and how much is done behind the scenes to make a quality care experience a reality. So to those who serve as support for the front line — Thank You.

I can and do tell the dedicated men and women who work at the hospital and our physicians how much patients appreciate their care, but it also seems like a good time to let the public know how valued that care is. Hats off to each of you for all you do!

Belinda Abell

President, Oak Valley Hospital Board of Directors