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Provide Recreation Opportunities
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Dear Editor,

The City of Oakdale is currently planning for future development. Oakdale needs to develop paths for safe recreation. Oakdale is a sports-oriented community and many of its residents own, and ride horses.

Even though this is a horse community, there are few places to ride. When I was a child, I could ride down the side of the road and ride anywhere. Today, I will not ride on the roadside because it is too dangerous.

Unless one owns lots of land or knows someone who does, owners must trailer their horses somewhere else to ride. However, this should not be the case. An example of a city in Southern California, surrounded by urban concrete, is Palos Verdes. This is a community with extensive horse trails. Walnut Creek is another example. Both communities are desirable because of their locations and their unique features, among them, providing trails for their horse riders. People seek to live in these locations because of these unique features.

In 2009, Oakdale drew public attention as one of 20 “top picks for an authentic Western experience,” according to writer Kevin Carmody of “American Cowboy” magazine. Trails would enhance Oakdale’s cultural uniqueness and draw people to our town, which is good for its businesses. Paths would provide more recreational activities for residents. Residents could enjoy a wider variety of athletic activities, safely: walking, running, riding — horses or bikes. This would give more residents something constructive to do in their community, rather than seeking other pursuits outside of town.

This is a win-win suggestion. I urge residents to contact the planning commission in support of this future project.

Roz Taulbee