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One More Vote For Paul
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Dear Editor,

Pat Paul was the best county supervisor our district has ever had. She answered her calls. She cared enough to go to the site in question and discuss the problem directly with the folks involved. She did not leave her opinion to the staff to decide. She went to the trouble to do her own homework and had the courage to reach her own decision as to how best to solve the problem. Pat was always there for Bloomingcamps. Several times I called upon her to help unravel some county red tape or assist us in meeting some county requirement. She never let us down.

Mayor Jackson has done his job and brought to the job his particular talents. Now it is time for new leadership, and new ideas. Pat has demonstrated that she is a tireless worker. She will bring new enthusiasm to governing our city. Her spirit will boost volunteerism. Pat is an original thinker and thinks outside the box. If there was ever a time when we needed new ideas, original thinking, enthusiasm and hard work, this is that time. Vote for Pat Paul for Mayor of Oakdale.

Bill and Joy Bloomingcamp