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Not The Solution
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Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. John Brennan’s letter in the July 18 Oakdale Leader.

I state: When I moved to Oakdale from the City of Action (Riverbank) I met my neighbor and he said this is a great community (He did not know that I worked in Oakdale over 30 years) but it is overrun by cats.

Years ago when I was a 4-H leader, I was in a meeting with an animal control officer. He told us that a cat by California law is an unprotected wild animal. So people who love cats keep them indoors! Why?

Because songbirds, lizards and who knows what depend on it. Catching and neutering or spaying them does absolutely not help Mother Nature’s other loved ones.

To protect one so it can harm others does not make sense.

Hendrik J. Bomer