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Make Your Vote Count
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Dear Editor,

By the time you read this, Lee Lundrigan’s Stanislaus County Elections Dept. will have sent, via United States mail thousands and thousands of weapons to its citizens. The “weapons,” of course, are the important sample ballots booklets, followed by the actual to be studied, voted, and returned “vote-by-mail” ballot.

(Note: remember to SIGN the back of the envelope in which you return your mailed ballot)

These intellectual weapons are used by us to kill ballot items such as ridiculous State of California proposals that mislead by claiming good for what is bad in something presented to us for our approval. So, we vote “NO” if that is our best judgment.

These ballots deal with candidates for different elective offices who will affect my life, and yours, with either broken promises, or with kept promises. There is a real life in this such as the Oakdale situation of some (living out of the city) Police Dept. Officers who for lack of Police Chief leadership are using Oakdale citizens as something to harass and harm by flashing activity that reflects borderline cases such as the four gun motorcycle officer who hides at schools and gives very expensive citations to moms delivering their children to school. A blue & white Police car openly parked at school locations would show preventive friendly authority and be able to counsel, or cite but not for reasons of revenue. To prevent danger, not cause it.

You can tell I will use the intellectual weapon the power of ballot gives to me. If you are not registered to vote, or wish to switch to mail ballot from precinct voting, all city halls have the forms, and the telephone number at elections is 525-5200. If you have a fax, that fax number is 525-5802 and your long hand note to it will result in elections mailing you the proper application.

As soon we decide how to vote by mail, then the ballot should be returned to Elections, so that your ballot can be immediately counted and be part of the 9 p.m. update revealed on election night, Nov 2, 2010.

Larry Kay

Retired Senior Comm. Analyst/State of Calif.