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Letters To The Editor 12-12-18
letter to editor

A Letter Of Thanks


Dear Editor,

The small town of Oakdale, in which we all call home, just seems a little more special during the holidays. This is in part due to the wonderful small town events that take place during this, the happiest of seasons. Downtown Christmas, which celebrated its tenth year this year with great success, helps to ring in the Christmas season with fun, festivities, and good cheer. Event coordinator Tammy Golding, who owns Foxy Designs by London Fox on Third Avenue, has once again done an exceptional job at helping to make this event a reality. Her efforts, along with the help of her daughter Mckaela, and many dedicated volunteers, are greatly appreciated by the entire community. In addition to Downtown Christmas, was Oakdale’s second annual Christmas Parade. With nearly 30 participants this year, the parade nearly quadrupled in size, and attracted hundreds of happy spectators, both living locally and in neighboring towns. People lined the streets to get a glimpse of the Christmas festivities, and wave to their friends and neighbors as they drove, walked, danced, played, and sang their way along the parade route. The immense positive feedback we have received has ensured that the parade will not only commence next year, but will more than likely grow and evolve from year to year. As the coordinating effort behind the parade, we would like to extend our greatest gratitude to all our volunteers, city staff, spectators, and of course, parade participants, that made this event so incredibly special. Christmas is undoubtedly, the most wonderful time of the year, and even more so when it’s spent right here, in the Cowboy Capital of the World. Oakdale will always be the little town with the big heart. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all.

Oakdale Christmas Parade chairs,

Cherilyn Bairos, Lisa Ballard, Amy Velasco



Celebrate Holidays Safely


Dear Editor,

Be merry! It’s time for people to gather for their holiday parties. For some, it is a time to overindulge with food and drinks.

Despite numerous driving distractions, like cell phone usage, I must remind people to not drive drunk. A drunken driver hit me head-on when I was 16 in 1992. My injuries trouble me daily.

I had a 100 day coma with several severe injuries. For seven months, I stayed in hospitals in Stockton and San Ramon and then had 17 months of therapy.

My speech is not clear and my gait is abnormal. Along with that, I cannot drive and my hearing is damaged.

An open bar is often a big perk of a holiday bash. Partygoers enjoying bizarre drinks, like mistletoe punch, must read my words. If you had fine spirits and are not slurring words, you still can be drunk. Driving skills are damaged before intoxication signs are seen.

Few know just exactly how many drinks equal “one too many”. Therefore, a driver who drank no alcohol must give drinkers a ride. Driving drunk on roads like Highway 120 can lead to an arrest, crash or death. You can never replace a person or the lifelong pain of injuries. Take it from one who knows.

Lori Martin