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Letters To The Editor 10-31-18
Letters to Editor

Integrity for Hospital District


Dear Editor,

I am writing today in support of the candidacy of Chet Mahida, MD to join the Oak Valley Community Hospital board. I have known Doctor Mahida for over 15 years; he has been a mentor, employer and friend. Working with him over the years I found him to be tirelessly devoted to and an advocate for health and education at all levels in Oakdale. He is a dedicated and compassionate physician who knows that the availability and quality of healthcare is a priority. As a member of the hospital board I am confident that he will always put our community first. A vote for Dr. Mahida is a vote for a growing, thriving hospital.

Rebecca Day, FNP PA-C



Choosing One Candidate


Dear Editor,

Vote, please. It is our country, we need to do our part.

Dr. Mahida has my one vote for the OVHD Board. He has virtue, I trust him with my life.

Bright, honest, dedicated and morally tethered. Please join me in voting for only Dr. Mahida.

Jim Vermeulen