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Letters To The Editor 10-03-18
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Regarding Hospital Board Election



Dear Editor,

Nearly forty years ago, after graduating from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and completing surgical residency at the University of California, Davis Medical Center, I came to Oakdale with much enthusiasm and idealism to be a ‘renaissance physician’ in the service of this then rural community, providing a ‘hybrid practice’ of primary care as well as specialized surgical care.

In addition to providing medical care, my mission was to assure access to healthcare locally, and help charter the course of healthcare for this community. Being a member of the Board would facilitate this mission. I believed that a physician on the governing board was essential, bringing the perspective of a frontline healthcare provider to balance the business aspects with the humanistic side of healthcare management. I was successfully elected to the Board of Directors in 1990 and served until 1997 when I took a leave only to return in 2006 until the present.

My mission is to continue the pursuit of excellence in healthcare for the community, expand outpatient services, complete the second floor of the hospital without additional financial burden to the community, and bringing more specialty as well as primary care services to the community.

I and my running mates Daniel Cummins and Kent Kushar share the same vision and mission, to continue to provide the best healthcare to the residents of the communities that we have the privilege to serve.

In the spirit of commitment to community and dedication to progress, I again respectfully and humbly ask for your vote in November — together our mission and vision for healthcare in this community will be realized and sustained.


Edward Chock, MD

Attending Staff Surgeon

Board of Directors, Oak Valley Hospital District