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Lets Clarify, Shall We?
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Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in response to Pat Pfefferle’s Letter to the Editor in the April 11, 2012 issue, “Looking for a Fair Settlement.”

I feel a letter is necessary to clarify misinformation given by Mrs. Pfefferle. Pat failed to mention all employees received their natural 3 percent increase including the teachers, one of which is topped out in their educational column but can easily move over. Two were new, so in essence only one teacher received the three percent, the administrative assistant, custodian, and aides. When the district asks for a reduction of five furlough days, I believe this would include all employees including the principal, although the board starts with the teachers first for negotiations because they are the only unit in a union. To my knowledge, these negotiations are still on the table. Pat left out this information as well as the fact that the raise given to the superintendent by the board, was her first in three years, and only put her in line with a teachers salary and still far less ($15,000 less) than any other small school superintendent. In addition, it bears mentioning that the superintendent works a total of 24 more days than the teachers during the year for similar pay.

I am saddened that Mrs. Pfefferle has misinformed this town and I feel that in order to make a knowledgeable decision, all facts should be revealed. My children have attended Knights Ferry School for the past 10 years and there have been four other superintendents and one interim principal during that time. I will say, based upon my knowledge and dealings with Mrs. Cheryl Griffiths, she is the best principal this school has had since I have been involved. She works very hard in her position, always doing what’s best for every student and deserves anything and everything she is rewarded with.

I also feel Knights Ferry School has amazing teachers who do a fantastic job educating our children. That has been proven for many years running. It is unfortunate that the economy and government cuts have affected this little school on the hill. Any community support is greatly appreciated and I only hope that the administration and teachers can resolve this matter to the benefit of all involved.

Thank you,
Michelle Burke
Concerned Parent and Site Council Chairperson