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Keeping Tabs On The Money
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Dear Editor,

The Oakdale Leader edition of April 13, 2011 carried a letter-to-editor written by Krystyna Belski, one of this area’s most important medical doctors when we consider that she is an active pediatrician. There was language in her letter that I can only describe as a smoothly written polite attack against the only legally elected five-member board of directors we can possibly have at our hospital district.

The circumstances she listed need not concern her because those of us who are taxpayers to the agencies including OVHD, are watching and that is written here as a promise to her.

Belski has herself served on a ‘Governing Body’ of zero legal status and participated in their secret closed meetings for months, and even years, and, thereby, I believe, acted improperly toward tax-paying citizens of the jurisdictional area of the Oak Valley Hospital District. But she meant no harm in assuming the fake ‘Governing Body’ was legal.

Further, the front page of the same edition contained a report which stated that Belski conveyed in her April 6, 2011 spoken message to the Board of Directors that one of her thoughts regarded action taken by the present CEO (John Friel) to cut expenditures by cutting staff. She thought such action sadly necessary. She is probably correct if we consider the finance committee reported on January 26, 2011 that:


“In summary we have a decline in patient activity and the payer mix which drives the net revenue from operations.

The net income is $634,000 and the budget is $1,516,000 and we have a shortfall of $882,000.”


I believe this is the information of which Dr. Belski spoke, and we could thank her for dealing with stark fact.

Larry Kay,