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Jones Served Students Well
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Dear Editor,

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Rick Jones, Oakdale School Board Member who has served our Oakdale School District for the past eight years. I have been to numerous board meetings and have always found Rick to be thoughtful, discerning and knowledgeable about whatever is the issue at hand. He truly cares about doing what is ‘right for kids’ and his decisions on behalf of Oakdale students reflect this heartfelt attitude. I appreciate that he asks the ‘hard questions’ and expects the decisions of the Board to be made after ALL the information has been gathered. I know he often spent numerous hours gathering and reading information so that he could make informed decisions.

From academics to sports to drama/music to our GATE program, Rick has helped to make decisions that have positively impacted many students over the years, my own three children included. Please know that Rick Jones has made a tremendous difference for Oakdale students and has ‘set the standard’ extremely high. His expertise in business matters and his compassion for students exemplifies what a great Board Member can do for a school district.

We have been extremely blessed to have his service in Oakdale Joint Unified School District. Thanks, Rick; you will be missed!


Melanie Sluggett