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Genuine Respect And Value
Letter To The Editor 4-8-20

Dear Editor,

The acclaimed American author, Maya Angelou once said: “…People will never forget how you made them feel.” If anyone fits this phrase, it is Mr. Jon Blanc. This Cloverland fifth grade role-model teacher and honored 2018 Stanislaus County ‘Teacher of the Year’ Finalist treats people with genuine respect and value that will be forever remembered.

I’ve experienced weekly hands-on STEM/Science activities, since Jon changed his teaching approach to better meet the needs of his students three years ago. He is committed to make a caring difference in the lives of EACH student with academic, social and emotional lifetime skills.

Jon Blanc is masterful at guiding students to discover for themselves possible solutions to questions rather than providing answers. His passion is infectious in a positive way.

His “fluid” classroom is a welcoming, growing high energy, forever changing, interesting “hub” where a whole world of opportunities opens up for students through awareness and observations.

Jon Blanc has constantly taken professional development courses and has become a valuable resource of ideas. New this year is Nature Journaling in grades fourth-sixth, which integrates art, science, math and writing to inspire students to become keen observers of the world around them. Students now have the opportunity to journal their observations as they live COVID-19 pandemic history to be shared with future children and grandchildren.

Jon Blanc has given me a wonderful gift of feeling respected and valued by an entire school and in return I treat people the same way. His motto is “Check your ego at the door. Keep it about the kids. Get it done, no excuses.”

A good education can change anyone, but a good teacher can change everything. The tremendous impact of one teacher treating people with genuine respect and value will generate memorable lifetime feelings for hundreds.

With Heartfelt Thanks,

Phyllis Bordona