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Funding For Police Department
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Dear Editor,
The Oakdale Leader in their October 12, 2011 edition reported there will be no more public study meetings regarding the very important 20 year general plan for Oakdale. But this might not be true, if we consider that new issues were raised at the public study session.
One such new issue is, I hope, is my own case for City of Oakdale presenting to voters (for voters’ own voting decision) a CFD - Community Facilities District - procedure for our Police Dept. Following is my own case, no one else’s, presented in writing to the joint session last Monday evening. No one was aware of what I would propose. No policeman of any rank was aware. This is what I proposed as written input to City Council and Planning Commission on last Monday:
Commented upon is general plan update; Community Services - section 3 - policy framework - a - Police Protection PS-1.4
PS-1.4 is a section that indicates our ability to create a special funding CFD (community facilities district) to support without any other police taxes an enlarged Police Dept. capable of truly acting well as our army; we have no other protecting, gun-bearing, group to protect us.
Further, such a highly professional group of officers could offer income to this city by performing leadership roles to other cities, thus, cutting that city’s expense…at the same time the Oakdale income is enhanced.
Please begin your work forthwith on formal CFD action to the Oakdale citizens for their 2/3 vote toward their own protection, and the establishment of our city as a county leader.
Seek citizens’ work, and their input to you.
Thank You,
Larry Kay