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Letters to Editor

Kindness Much Appreciated


Dear Editor,

On Saturday morning, October 15 I was driving on River Road and realized I had missed my turn off. While attempting to turn back and make sure no cars were coming, I went over a cement block that wedged itself between the tire and frame. After a few minutes, a young man driving a white Jeep passed and then turned back, stopped and asked if I needed help. I told him I did and he immediately knew what to do. He took a jack from his tool box, lifted the car and removed the large object out of the way. I was so grateful and offered him payment but he refused it. He said he would hate to see his grandmother in need of help on the side of the road. I thanked him again and he gave me a gentle hug and told me to drive a little so he could be sure no fluids were leaking. He was my guardian angel and I didn’t even ask his name. God bless you, young man, for stopping to help a stranger. Whoever you are, THANK YOU. I hope you see this so you will know what a good deed you performed and how thankful I am to you.

Jennifer Bohos