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Flag Etiquette
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Dear Editor,
As a veteran and American Legionnaire, I had noticed that the City of Oakdale has not been observing proper flag etiquette for the flag of the United States of America. The flags had been displayed 24/7 with no illumination and when the weather was inclement. I have brought this to the attention of Mayor Pat Paul, Chief Marty West and Mr. Joe Leach (Public Works Director). I thank Chief West for being expedient in having the flag at the police department properly illuminated. I thank Mayor Paul for providing a new crisp flag for the public works yard, which the staff wasted no time in changing out the old faded and ragged flag with the new flag.   Unfortunately, the flag in front of City Hall and the large flag at the “Hershey office” are still being displayed in darkness. I have looked and it appears light fixtures are present at both locations. Maybe if all of us veterans in Oakdale let public works know of our desire to have the flags illuminated someone will take the time to locate the switches for these lights and turn them on at night.

Al McCarty
American Legionnaire
American Legion Rider
Patriot Guard Rider
Honor Guard Member