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Conflict Of Interest?
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Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter because of my concern regarding Dr. Edward Chock’s bid for the Oakdale Hospital’s Board of Directors. I’m not sure we need a doctor on the board because both Dr. Edward Chock and his brother Dr. Norman Chock have practices in Oakdale. They are the only surgeons in town and I am wondering why no new young surgeons have landed in Oakdale. Maybe we need to find out why from the board members which Dr. Edward Chock is a member. As I stated Dr. Edward Chock has a private practice, is one off the only two surgeons in town, and has business dealings with the hospital at many different levels. I am concerned that a conflict of interest could be possible in that light.

Oak Valley Hospital is in the middle of building a new hospital during tough economic times. We need leadership that has no ties physically or financially with the hospital. We need board members with the interest of the district and with good financial and objective decisions for the hospital.

Gordon Griesner