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Concerned About Article
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Dear Editor,

Re: John Branch’s article on June 22 “Bypass Overview Draws 100 Plus To Meeting”

My wife and I live on Wamble Road and, early on, one of the prospective North County Corridor exit routes was to be Wamble Road. Since that time this has changed to two routes east of Wamble Road. Mr. Branch noted in his article that the proposed North County Corridor would go “to State Route 120 east of Oakdale connecting to it at one of three points, either at South Stearns, Wamble Road or an unnamed point still further east.” I don’t know what map Mr. Branch might have referred to or who he might have spoken with but Wamble Road was not listed or even mentioned as one of the three eastern connections to State Route 120. The three points involved were South Stearns and two unnamed points east of Wamble Road. Mr. Branch should have factual information when writing his articles as this proposed North County Corridor affects many people!


Kenneth E. Krause


(Editor’s note: Mr. Krause is correct; there are two points east of Wamble under consideration; the one closest to it was inadvertently referred to as being on Wamble Road in the article. We apologize for the error and any confusion this may have caused.)