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Clean Up Efforts Paying Off
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Dear Editor,

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone that has come out and helped clean up our community. We still have lots to do to get our city looking great, but together we are making an impact.

There is a scheduled community clean-up for Saturday March 24, meet up 10 a.m. by the library at G Street and First Avenue.

Everyone is welcome to come out and help, bring your gloves.

There will be a city wide clean-up from April 1 - 7 and we are asking that everyone do a little something each day, either in their own neighborhood, yard, alleys, local parks or at one of the scheduled daily locations (or all if they really want to help in a big way). Details on the daily locations can be found at

Here are a few suggestions that everyone can do to help clean-up our city and keep it clean.
• Adopt a park
• Clean your neighborhood walks, paths, alleys, gutters and drains on a regular basis
• Remove the weeds in the gutters and sidewalks (do not spray)
• Don't blow into the street (have landscapers pick up grass and leaves)
• Take advantage of the FREE city leaf program
• As you walk, pick up trash along the way
• Pile large items (furniture) out and call Gilton for a FREE curbside pick-up (each resident can call twice a year)
• Place a trash can out for the kids walking home from school to toss their trash in
• Lend a hand to a neighbor who needs a bit of clean-up help

Thank you,
Ramona Howard