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Casting Vote For Kjeldgaard
Letter to the Editor 01-25-23
Letters to Editor

Dear Editor,

The Antinetti family is excited to endorse Mr. Eric Kjeldgaard for the Oakdale Joint Unified School District Board. We believe he is the strongest candidate for this position. Together, the Antinetti and Kjeldgaard families, have raised our children in the Oakdale community. It has been an absolute joy sitting on the sidelines of countless sporting events and cheering on our children.

Of the many things we appreciate about the Kjeldgaard family, we recognize that their love and passion for keeping traditions and making the town of Oakdale great is amongst their best gifts. Eric and Lisa always lend a helping hand, offer words of compassion, and give their time to sports, academics, local businesses and their faith. They are family focused and go to great lengths to support their children and grandchildren in all aspects of life. They have worldly views, especially considering they have lived in other countries, serving others. They are true humanitarians.

Eric has spent countless hours in the last few years attending school board meetings. Further, he has sat down, broken bread and lent his ear to many families who have struggled during COVID. He worked diligently, to be the respectful voice and share the concerns of thousands of parents in our community. We appreciate him, his time and his effort. As an Educator, Eric has committed his career to giving children the best possible education and understands the complexity of navigating local, county and state Ed Code. He is a great listener and a voice of reason.

If you reside in the District 2 Area (River Road, Valley Home Road, Sawyer Road, Pioneer Road, Crane Road, Tioga Avenue, Langworth, etc.) please vote for Eric Kjeldgaard before March 7 on your mail in ballot.


David and Rachelle Antinetti