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A Reminder Of Character
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Dear Editor,

Elections are fast approaching and I hope the voters in Oakdale consider the fact that Farrell Jackson and Oakdale’s City Council have done an outstanding job leading Oakdale during this fiscal crisis that is plaguing the entire country, and not just our humble town.

I want to remind voters of Jackson’s character, first as a consummate citizen and second as a consummate public servant. He conducts his character the same way he has conducted his two terms as a city council member and one term as mayor. I have known Farrell for eight years now, and my estimation is that he is personally one of the most fiscally responsible people that I have ever met. He has always lived within his means, and he understands that the city must do the same during California’s statewide budget disaster.

Most importantly, in lieu of all the negative distractions that may or may not have been orchestrated by his opponents, Jackson has never run a negative campaign. He sticks to his facts and his principles, because he wants his two grandchildren to grow up in this wonderful town as we have all known it: small, unadulterated by big city problems, and focused on being financially solvent where other cities have dismally failed.

Farrell Jackson gets my vote in November!


Jeremy Acker