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A Random Act Of Kindness
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Dear Editor,

Those who know me, might brand me as a bit of a cynic, but recently something happened to restore my faith in people. One random act of heartfelt kindness has filled my cup to overflowing and though I don’t know the man’s name or his story, I want to say thank you from our family.

My future brother-in-law and my sister took my son out for a birthday dinner at Bamboo Garden. They’d enjoyed a delicious meal and then when it came time for the check they were surprised when the owner came to the table to inform them that another restaurant patron had already paid the bill. Stunned, they discovered a man, sitting with his family, had noticed my future brother-in-law’s Purple Heart tattoo, which my brother-in-law had inked on his body to honor the sacrifice of friends who died when their platoon was attacked outside Balad, Iraq. The man thanked my future brother-in-law for his service to our country and paying for his dinner was his way of showing his appreciation. Needless to say, the man’s gesture touched my future family member’s heart. He doesn’t talk about his loss, choosing the stoic route, but he wears the names of his fallen friends with love and pride. My future brother-in-law is the kind of soldier anyone would be proud to have in their family. It’s not because of the medals — though he’s been awarded both the Purple Heart and Silver Star — it’s because his love for this country is as genuine and real as the man himself. Recently, my future brother-in-law, who is an Army Reserve drill sergeant and cannon crew member, reenlisted during the National Capitol Re-enlistment Ceremony, in celebration of the Army Reserve’s 102nd anniversary.

So, to the generous stranger…thank you. Your random act of kindness meant more than a meal to us and — most definitely — more to my future brother-in-law.


Kim Sheetz