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Valley Home News for June 24, 2009
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It is always nice to catch up on the activities of our young people that we have written about in the Valley Home News over the years. We received word from proud Grandmother, Shirley Butler, that granddaughter, Molly Smith graduated from California State University on June 14th. Molly graduated cum laude and honors, with a Bachelor in Political Science. Attending the ceremony were Molly’s husband, Robert Smith, Molly’s parents, Cheryl Morehead and Claus Bergstrom, and her husband’s parents, Gary and Susan Smith of Oakdale, grandparents Ken and Shirley Butler, of Valley Home and former Valley Home residents, Bjorn and Kris Bergstrom. Others attending the ceremony were Molly’s sister, Kelsey Bergstrom, brother-in-law, Eric Smith, several aunts and cousins, Valley Home former classmates, Stephanie Rice, Angela Evangelho, and Kayce Clark, and other friends. Congratulations and best wishes, Molly, from all your Valley Home friends on this special moment in your life.
Valley Home 4-H officers and newly elected officers met at John’s Incredible Pizza on Tuesday, June 16th for pizza and arcade games. They had a great time playing miniature golf, rode the rides and ride simulators.
The Horse Rescue 4-H group met the following night, June 18th, at the Smiths ranch for an evening of movies, pizza, salad, brownies and root beer floats. The group enjoyed watching Flicka and Thunderhead, Son of Flicka on the big screen in the barn. A big thanks to Kevin Koppinger for setting up the equipment and Lainey Smith for setting up the “big screen.”
Three Valley Home members Beverly Berridge and Laura & Glenn Burghardt of the Oakdale Garden Club were among club members who enjoyed a tour of the historic Redbud Farm located near Stockton on No. Jack Tone Road on Friday, June 19th. The farm is part of Charles Weber’s 49,000-acre Mexican land grant that was sold to Carson Grupe in the 1860s. Club members enjoyed a tour of the farm and beautiful garden, given by owner and Master Gardener, Lee Miller, who is also a member of Linden Garden Club. There are several “garden rooms” located on the grounds. Two rose gardens, one south of the home and one in the border of the vegetable garden. Several citrus trees, kiwi and olives are included in the landscape. Members enjoyed a tour of the beautiful house built by Carson’s son, Henry in 1895. Following a picnic lunch at tables located under towering shade trees at the back of the house, the garden club members enjoyed visiting the orchard area, vineyard and greenhouse. Self appointed tour guides - a black turkey, a white turkey, a big dog and a black & white cat, helped to lead the group on the tour.
At last Wednesday’s Valley Home MAC meeting it was reported that the sheriffs department had investigated the incident reported in last week’s news column involving a young boy who had reported he had been accosted on the Valley Home School grounds and had his bicycle stolen was a fabrication. It was found that the incident had not happened and that the young boy had made up the story.
A serious incident that did occur on Pleasant Valley Road on Tuesday, June 16, was reported. A home was broken into, several items, including a TV and laptop computer taken. It was reported that at least two men driving a reddish-brown Bronco “full of decals” were involved in the burglary. The incident was reported and is under investigation.
Other news from the MAC meeting will be included in next week’s column.
If you have driven by the Valley Home Community Center site, you have seen that construction has started again on the park project. The framework of the pavilion was up by the weekend and the roof should be on by news column time. If you have not seen the work take a look or go to, and click on park progress to see photos of the work.
It was reported that two cases of the H1N1 Flu in Stanislaus County have been confirmed with one additional case pending but likely to be confirmed.