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Sunshine, Smiles Mark Opening Day For OBSA
These young softball players race towards home plate during the team introductions at Saturday morning’s Opening Day festivities for the Oakdale Baseball Softball Association.

Nearly 1,000 youth baseball and softball players gathered at T.L. Davis Sports Complex on Saturday, March 16 for opening day festivities, officially starting off the season. The Oakdale Baseball Softball Association has games scheduled over the next 10 weeks and will conclude its regular season schedule in late May.

At the Saturday morning festivities, Oakdale Mayor J.R. McCarty threw out the first pitch for baseball and Oakdale High School varsity softball coach Larry Loger had the honor of throwing out the first softball pitch at the ceremony. Teams then had the opportunity to play, with all ages taking the field.

Oakdale Mayor J.R. McCarty throws out the first baseball pitch to help get the youth season underway.