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Steve Collins To Serve As MJC Interim President

Monday, July 16 it was announced that Steve Collins will begin serving as Modesto Junior College (MJC) Interim President effective July 17, 2018. Mr. Collins’ Interim Presidential appointment will be presented to the Board for formal approval at its August 2018 Board meeting.

Collins previously served as Vice President of Instruction at Modesto Junior College for approximately five years until his retirement in 2001. Prior to his appointment as Vice President, Collins served in various Dean positions and, for 18 years, as Instructor of Speech and Forensics. Following his retirement, he returned to MJC as Interim Vice President of Instruction and again as Interim Dean. Collins is an alumnus of MJC who registered as a student in 1957 and has been affiliated with the College ever since, either as a student, employee, or, most recently, as a Foundation Board member.

According to YCCD Chancellor Henry Yong, “Mr. Collins is a seasoned executive leader who has graciously answered the call to serve once again.”

Since retiring from YCCD, Collins has kept an active and healthy lifestyle, and an interest in the continuing development of the College and the District.

Chancellor Yong noted the importance of finding a leader with Collins’ experience and familiarity with MJC who would be able to begin very quickly to address the important issues facing the college. Collins is a dedicated educational leader who is committed to the students, employees, and communities served by MJC.

“This is very important work,” Collins said. “Work that I want to do, and want to do well.”

Collins went on to note that his commitment to educational leadership began with his serving as an Associated Students of MJC student body president and he is honored that it is culminating with the opportunity to now serve as Interim College President.

Regarding the MJC President permanent position, Chancellor Yong stated, “The search process will be restarted in the fall 2018.”