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Stanislaus County Arts Council Joins Heartland Creative Corps

Officials with the Stanislaus County Arts Council have announced the organization’s participation in the Heartland Creative Corps program, a collaboration between Stanislaus, Merced, and Tuolumne counties, administered by United Way of Merced County and funded through the California Arts Council’s Creative Corps program.

This is a grant program designed to provide funding to artists and art groups to create art projects relative to:

● Public health awareness messages to stop the spread of COVID-19;

● Public awareness related to water and energy conservation, climate mitigation, and emergency preparedness, relief, and recovery;

● Civic engagement, including election participation;

● Social justice and community engagement.

The grant funding is intended to act as a job creation project, with 60 percent of all funding intended to be used as direct artist support, and more specifically artist salaries. In addition, 20 percent of any grants can be used for materials and administration, including working/living space and all project supplies.

The goal is to provide grants to artists and groups that produce products which impact the region and increase the awareness and power of art within our communities. Artists, cultural workers, arts organizations, and social service organizations from any level of experience and discipline may apply for funding; however, priority will be given to projects developed by artists and organizations residing in or influencing communities within the bottom quartile of the Healthy Places Index (HPI). Funding will be tiered and prioritized based on the artist or organization’s proximity to the targeted community. More information can be found at

Grant and program listening sessions will be conducted in February of 2023 to answer any questions that applicants may have regarding the program. Applicants will then be able to access an online portal between Feb. 15 and April 15 with funding decisions to be made in May for Phase 1 and July for Phase 2. Projects must be completed no later than June 2024.

Individuals or organizations who are interested in applying for funding from this program can engage with it through or Any further questions can be directed to David Schroeder, Executive Director, Stanislaus Arts via email: