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Senior Signs Distributed To Celebrate 2021 Grads
Vice principal Shannon Kettering, senior mom Paula Johnston, organizer Ashly Ferreira and senior mom Amy Knittel pose with a few of the 450 signs which were distributed this past Saturday, April 3. Photo Contributed

Mother of two and community volunteer Ashly Ferreira is making sure the Class of 2021 has a memorable Senior Year. The pioneer and mastermind behind the Friday Senior Lunch Program gathered her resources and put volunteers to work on Saturday, April 3 as 450 ‘congratulations’ signs were distributed.

“We want to make sure everybody gets a sign in their front yard, as a surprise to them,” Ferreira said prior to the sign distribution.

The 385 member Class of 2021 each received signs in their front yard within two hours, thanks to the 50-volunteer army which showed up at Oakdale High School on Saturday morning. Additional signs were placed for students with two family homes, as well as some being placed in local businesses.

“The greatest part about it is the Oakdale High School Sports Boosters sponsored it,” Ferreira said of the signs which she designed. “We’re so fortunate.”

The mother of a 2021 graduate, as well as a daughter who is an OHS alum shared making the year special has been her driving force for the class, which has spent more time off campus this year than on.

“They’ve been given a year of just blah,” she said, “that’s how I honestly feel. So these little things that we can do to make them feel special for getting to their senior year and graduation is so important. It just gives them something to look forward to.”

The organizer shared she hoped it also gave them a little push to continue their hard work now that they are back on campus.

“Last year it was such a good idea,” Ferreira said of the ‘Senior Signs’ which were launched for the Class of 2020. “I think it made the families feel super special, during such an unforeseen time.”

She added that when distance learning necessitated by the pandemic carried over to another school year, she felt it was necessary to continue the effort, stating she personally wishes they could do more for the Class of 2021.

“Every single one of these seniors should be congratulated for pulling themselves through this year,” the volunteer said. “It hasn’t been easy. It’s taken a lot of discipline and they deserve to be celebrated.”

Signs were placed at over 385 homes over the weekend as 50 volunteers rallied to show pride and support for members of the Oakdale High School Class of 2021. Photo Contributed