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School Board Puts Wraps On The 2018-2019 Year

As has become customary for the June session, Monday night’s Oakdale Joint Unified School District Board monthly meeting ended the school year with a review of budgets, reports and spending approval.

It also happened to be the final meeting of record for Chief Business Officer Susan Dyke, who announced her retirement earlier this school year.

Dyke reviewed the 2019-2020 Budget in what has become known as her usual fashion: thorough, succinct and fact filled. In so doing, she noted several important points to the budget including her views on the budget reserve and the state standard versus the district need.

“It is a meaningless number,” she said frankly of the state’s recommended reserve amount, “because even at 5 percent that’s no longer enough to cover payroll.

“Payroll is about 4 million dollars a month,” she continued. “Really a good reserve percentage for us would be about 10 percent. That’s just something to consider.”

As her report was wrapped up and finalized, OJUSD Board President Mike House acknowledged Dyke for once again delivering an exceptional report.

“I just want to say as board president and as a long time board member, what a comfort it is having you to know that our numbers are accurate and right,” House said. “And that anybody looking at them can trust them and can back them out. What a great asset you have been to our district.”

Dyke reciprocated the sentiments, noting her appreciation and growth during her time with the board.

The start of the meeting was opened with Board Member Tina Shatswell informally addressing the board during Public Comment with regards to the excess of vaping at Oakdale High School. Shatswell shared that a community member had approached her with concern on the topic.

“We had a report on vaping a few months ago,” Superintendent of Schools Marc Malone stated. “It certainly is on the site’s radar, when it is discovered it’s dealt with according to our conduct code.”

The final meeting of the school year wrapped shortly after 7 p.m. The next meeting will be hosted on Monday, Aug. 12. Open Session begins at 6:30 p.m. at the OJUSD Technology and Staff Development Center.