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Oakdale Garden Club Aims To Beautify Community
hutton garden
The Oakdale Garden Club is making an effort to recognize beautiful gardens throughout Oakdale. The West G Street garden of Richard and Annette Hutton is the first one they have selected this year. Oakdale Garden Club Photo

One of the oldest not-for-profit organizations in the City of Oakdale is the Oakdale Garden Club (OGC). Established in 1909 when the small community’s population was just 1,035 individuals (1910 census), members of the group decided to help beautify their town by planting many trees, including the colorful Dogwood Trees. They planted in parks, on the streets, and in the yards of their own homes, and over a century later, many still enhance the area.

The present membership of the OGC, all volunteers, continue the work that the first group started. Today when the population has grown to more than 23,596 (2019 est. U.S. decennial census), the Club still encourages the planting of dogwood trees in parks and gardens, but now their objectives include many beautification projects for the City. Among these are the Blue Star Memorial Native Plant Garden located at the Oakdale Post Office, the Horse and Cowboy statue garden at the Cowboy Museum; and the colorful downtown pot planters, in cooperation with local business owners.

Adding to this, the Club promotes member education and knowledge of the conservation of natural resources, gives free monthly informational seminars to the public on subjects related to the art of gardening at their regular garden club meetings and periodically, is involved in various events to support community activities.

Regular meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 10 a.m.

Monthly meetings include guest speakers on topics related to gardening and conservation, followed by a business meeting.

The Oakdale Garden Club welcomes all who are interested to attend their free events. For more information about the Club and its activities check their Facebook page under Oakdale Garden Club; or call Linda King at 209-467-1725.

Meanwhile, a new program for the Club is underway, recognizing work of local gardeners.

With over 32 stunning roses and other various plants, the home garden of Annette and Richard Hutton was an easy pick for this year’s ‘Spring Garden of the Season’, according to Club members. The Oakdale Garden Club has selected the Hutton home as spring garden of the season for its beauty, diversity, and attention to detail. After moving into the home in 1989, which also included a church and Sunday school building on the property, even the Hutton’s did not realize how much would change over the years. Annette is a music teacher and works at the Saint Matthias Church, just a quick walk from her home. They converted the church on their property to a music hall where they teach students and have hosted many parties and musical performances for years. Japanese boxwoods line the walkway on Church Street as your eye leads you down into their English garden. The roses out front have been a wonderful focal piece for those passing by. To prevent people from entering the private property, Richard Hutton hand carved and built the white picket fence that you see wrapping around the property. There are many tall deciduous trees that were planted to allow multi season color, texture, and shade. What was once the Sunday school building is now a music store.

This is a must see for anyone who loves to view a great garden and is at 122 W. G St., in downtown Oakdale.


Garden Club members Rose Marie Durham and Lauren Dutch contributed this story.

o planter
Shown is just one of the many planters in downtown Oakdale that members of the Oakdale Garden Club tend on a regular basis, providing splashes of color throughout the business district. Oakdale Garden Club Photo