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New Studio/Juice Bar Enjoyed Soft Opening
New business owner Katelyn Hasley outside of her recently opened yoga studio and juice bar on the east side of Oakdale. For details visit

Katelyn Hasley is turning up her fearlessness and she’s not looking back.

During a time when many small businesses are doing their best just to keep their doors open, Hasley is opening her doors for the first time.

The long-time community member and yoga enthusiast is the brainchild behind The Fix, which recently had its ‘soft opening’. The business will offer varying yoga classes, as well as aerial yoga (in spring 2021), a Juice Bar and retail shop.

“The Fix is really like the one stop destination for all things wellness,” Hasley said. “That’s really my vision, is that it’s a wellness center. I’m really bringing a whole lot of different types of classes to Oakdale that have never really been offered here before.”

Hasley shared the space has been her vision for quite some time, spending the past year looking for the “perfect” spot in Oakdale. The Fix is located on the east side of town at 136 N. Maag Ave., Suite C. The suite offers two spaces back to back, creating great opportunity for the yoga/fitness space in one and Juice Bar in the other.

“Expanding into the Juice Bar,” she noted as what she’s most excited about, “yoga is so great for so many different things, but nutrition is really where it’s at. That’s what really creates your health. You can do yoga, but if you’re not putting healthy ingredients into your body, you’re not really getting the full experience. You’re not getting the full benefit of yoga. They’re complementary to each other.”

All things served at the Juice Bar will be from Hasley’s personal menu. In addition to a menu of green’s and smoothie’s the Juice Bar will feature gourmet coffees, as well as herbal teas.

Prior to pioneering the idea and turning her dream into reality, Hasley lead and owned Peace Tree Yoga at 507 Spa and Salon. She’s also taught at a number of gyms and shared she first brought yoga to Oakdale in 2001, teaching at the Gladys Lemmons Senior Center. She taught there for nine years.

“I’ve been dreaming of expanding and having a full size yoga studio for as long as I’ve been teaching (2001),” she said. “It was just time. I taught for five years at 507, it just wasn’t the perfect fit there.”

So it was time to take that next step.

“I’ve just been dreaming of having a full size studio,” she continued, “with a full schedule of classes and all these different classes that I’ve taken on-line and visited in my travels.”

According to the studio owner a variety of classes will be offered as well as varying membership types. Community members will be able to take advantage of monthly membership, drop in opportunity or a class pass option. In addition, on-line class memberships will be made available to those looking to practice from home.

“What’s different is I’m adding an on-line membership, which I really feel is the future of yoga,” the studio owner shared. “Especially right now. That’s the main inspiration to open now. It’s something that people need so badly right now and they don’t have access to or haven’t had access to in so long and they’re able to now do it from home or from wherever they are.”

Plus, Hasley wants to be all-inclusive.

“I’m also bringing a new style of classes. I’m calling it Blue Collar Yoga,” she explained, adding an interest in reaching the male demographic and erasing the stereotype which is often applied to yoga. “That is really catered to working men; which is the one demographic yoga hasn’t gravitated to yet, but needs it so badly.”

As the long time yogi and health enthusiast looks toward her official Grand Opening this spring, she acknowledges the timing and the hurdles one may encounter during a time of the COVID pandemic.

“It felt almost like an impossible task,” she said of pursuing her dream, which became interrupted by COVID-19. “I guess I got to a point where I was tired of being afraid and just decided it was time. This is my dream and nothing is going to stop it from happening. I just kind of had a little pep talk with myself and decided I wasn’t going to let anything stop that from happening.”

As the fear is overcome and the dream becomes reality, Hasley acknowledges her excitement for sharing this vision with the community.

“Super exciting. I don’t know how else to explain it,” she said. “There’s still so much to do, but I am super anxious to get teaching. In the 20 years that I’ve been teaching this is the longest period of time I’ve gone without teaching. Really excited to get back with people and feeling the energy in the room.”

For additional information and grand opening updates on The Fix, visit