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Mustang Homecoming 2022 Events Kick Off

The school year, as we know it, is back in full swing as Oakdale High School gets ready for its Fall Homecoming Week festivities.

As is customary, window painting will be hosted this Saturday, Sept. 24 as the four high school grade levels showcase their artistic skills beautifying downtown windows. Also on the schedule, the Homecoming Parade will be featured Friday, Sept. 30, eastbound on G Street from the high school. Time to be determined.

The week’s theme, Mustangs Tackle the Movies, will officially kick off Monday, Sept. 26 and conclude Friday, Sept. 30 when the OHS football team welcomes the Sierra Timberwolves to The Corral. A dance will be hosted following the game.

Theme days will include the following movies as inspiration, listed in order by day beginning with Monday: Jaws, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, Star Wars and concluding Friday with Friday Night Lights.

And it wouldn’t be Homecoming with some royals; look for the announcement of the King, Queen, Prince and Princess nominees in the Sept. 28 issue of The Leader.