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Wine By The Bottle At Stockton Arena
Wine 1

Wine aficionados or even those that just savor the occasional glass will be pleased to know that there is a new area at the Stockton Arena called the Ironstone Vineyards Wine Cave. This is not an actual cave but is true to the Ironstone brand that is known to have a few wine caves at their winery in Murphys. Not only is this a cozy place for those that may indulge in some wine to enjoy with an event at the Arena, but perhaps for those that would like to peruse through the options. For the first time the Arena will be offering patrons a full bottle of wine that they can purchase in this new wine area.

There are three different tiers of wine offered and they are all Ironstone wines.

They will carry a few Ironstone favorites like the Obsession Symphony and the red Obsession, a Chardonnay, Cab, and an Old Vine Zin. Once the wine is selected it will be uncorked and poured into a carafe with cups to take back to the seats to enjoy the show. Guests will be able to keep the carafe and reuse for a Sunday brunch if they would like.

“So if you are out here with a group of friends and you want to share a bottle of wine if there are four of you, you don’t have to purchase four individual cups of wine,” said Stockton Arena General Manager Kendra Clark. “You can purchase a bottle and share it.”

The Grand Opening of the Wine Cave was earlier this month during a Stockton Heat hockey game. Previously guests could purchase wine by the glass at any of the concession stands and now they can purchase a bottle to share.

At the beginning of the summer last year Ironstone and the Stockton Arena were introduced through a mutual colleague. Clark invited Ironstone’s Marketing Director Joan Kautz on a tour of the Arena. During the tour they discussed different ideas on possible opportunities to work together.

“We knew there was some synergy there but we just weren’t sure what it was and on the tour I brought them into the room we are standing in now, which is the wine cave,” said Clark. “That is where the wine cave idea was born, on that tour. Just a lot of brainstorming and talking and it kind of came to all of us at the same time.”

On occasion there will be an Ironstone representative on hand to talk to patrons in greater detail about the wines and to answer any questions.

“This is kind of a fun little interactive area that adds another layer to events when you come to the Stockton Arena,” stated Clark.