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Library Offers Summer Fun
lib cups
These youngsters were having fun playing at the cups station. The object of the challenge in this Minute To Win It game was to blow a cup off the table using your straw. - photo by Dennis Cruz
One of the challenges at Minute To Win It had the children stack dice on a popsicle stick to see how high they could stack them before they fell. Shown are six-year-old Chloe Lara, right, and her brother Sammy Lara, 3, attempting the challenge.

Oakdale’s David F. Bush Library is offering fun ways to cool off during this summer heat.

In July they have been hosting several different activities for all ages. During next week’s scheduled observance of Shark Week, July 23 through 28, they will be having a game each day where they hide a shark in the library. Youngsters are encouraged to find the lost shark in the library to win a prize. Also ongoing is the Summer reading Club, which offers a variety of prizes based on the number of books read.

On Thursday, July 12 the library hosted its version of the popular game show, Minute To Win It, where children got to go from station to station trying their hand at a number of different skills. One of the stations had the children use chop sticks to put gum drops in a bowl. Other stations included kids having to blow through a straw to push a plastic cup off the table, stacking dice on a popsicle stick to see how high they could stack them before they tumbled off, and more.

Another benefit of visiting the library during the summer is that it provides a cool respite from the heat and, with temperatures for the next several days anticipated to be at or above the century mark, visitors of all ages are encouraged to stop by and stay cool.

Some upcoming events at the library include: on Thursday, July 19 they will offer Lego Day from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. This is suitable for all ages but children under four must have direct adult supervision. Also, the Library Book Club will be reading “The Tenth Circle” and meeting to discuss and share on Tuesday, July 24, at 11:30 a.m.

The Friends of the Oakdale Library are the main sponsors of many of the programs and prizes for the local branch, including gift baskets given to Adult Summer Reading drawing winners.

For more information about the library events, visit the library at 151 S. First Ave., Oakdale, or call (209) 847-4204.