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Lions Collect Pop-Tabs For Ronald McDonald House
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Oakdale community member Bill Scharton joined the Oakdale Lions Club for their May meeting, where he made a donation of 21 pounds of pop-tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. The aluminum tabs are recycled by the local club and the funds then donated to the organization.

Something so simple, yet impactful at the same time, caught the attention of Oakdale’s Bill Scharton and was recently celebrated by the Oakdale Lions Club.

During the May Lions meeting, Scharton stopped by with 21 gallon containers filled with ‘pop-tabs.’ A collection which began four years ago, finally found a home and as result will be taken to a recycle center. The cash collected from the donation will then be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

“It started about 10 years ago,” Oakdale Lion Don Allen said of the club’s participation with the Pop-Tab Collection program for the Ronald McDonald House.

According to Allen, Valley Lions made a connection with the Madera Ronald McDonald House. The district is about 50 to 60 clubs. The District began collecting the pull tabs and an area Lion whom has relationship with Sims Metal management recycles the tabs and writes a check to a designated Ronald McDonald House.

“I think we collect about 2,000 pounds a year. Something like that,” Allen said. “Pull tabs are little pieces of aluminum. There’s no liquid in them. They’re just aluminum but they’re clean.”

He said the tabs are easier to recycle than cans and are cleaner.

Scharton first began his collecting four years ago, while his son was living in Nevada. At the time he had learned of a Pop-Tab program benefitting St. Jude’s. When time came to donate the tabs to the organization, Scharton shared he hit a dead end. No one seemed to know anything about the program which first prompted his interest.

“I mentioned it to Greg Rivera,” he said, sharing Rivera voiced an interest in turning the tabs over to the Oakdale Lions. “Greg said that’s great we give it all to Ronald McDonald house.”

Now four years since starting the collection, Scharton admits it can and has become a bit addicting.

“My wife told me I was possessed with this thing,” he said chuckling, admitting he’s been known to ask people for their pop-tabs as they are drinking their beverage of choice.

“There were a lot of people that helped me, it wasn’t just me,” he shared of the 21 gallon donation.

“The tabs go for the kids. It’s all for the kids.”

The Oakdale Lions Club continues to take Pop-Tab donations for the Ronald McDonald House. To make a donation or for further information, contact Don Allen at (209) 988-3098.

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Oakdale Lion Don Allen works on bagging up the 21 gallons of pop tabs donated by Bill Scharton. The bag of tabs will be taken to a recycle center in exchange for cash to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.