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Letters To The Editor
Summer Sports
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Dear Editor,

We’ve begun our weekly migration towards the sandy dunes of Parajo Beach near Watsonville, CA. It’s the best-kept secret of the area. Our trip takes us on CA-152 over the Diablo Mountains and Pacheco Pass, called the most haunted area of California by the psychic Sylvia Brown. We drive nearly a hundred miles over a variation of terrain that includes large cabbage fields, walnut orchards, strawberry farms and rainbows of colors. Parajo Beach, also known as Palm Beach is covered in Eucalyptus trees and sand dunes that prevent seeing the Pacific Ocean. In order to reach the beach we must climb a 50-foot sand dune while hauling our beach gear. It’s a challenge but worth the effort as the Pacific Ocean at Parajo dunes is spectacular.

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the ocean since I first saw the Gulf of Mexico. I don’t how many times I’ve sought comfort from the sea. It has inspired volumes of poems and short stories. Its awesome power overwhelms me as I remember surviving thunderstorms upon it surrounded by darkness. Yet, dreams of being shipwrecked and shark attacks always give way to its consolation.

Our adventures require effort, but offer a fresh perspective and escape from the central valley. It awakens a sense of hope. We purchase sandwiches, ice and sodas along the way. Upon arrival, everything is so beautiful; all that remains is hauling our stuff over a 50 ft. sand dune where we have a magnificent view of the beach.

As we linger enjoying nature’s portrait we are entertained by sea birds that suddenly appear with wonderful displays. We often see dolphins and colorful sailing boats. There is the ever-constant sound of children playing carried by the wind. Of course, there is an occasional hungry seagull begging for a treat. Were I a richer man, I’d be doing the same thing with the same person. Our trip home takes us over familiar roads and smooth sailing depending on traffic. The after glow of our journey lasts for several days.

Jorge Martinez