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Knights Ferry

The air was abuzz with the sounds of chainsaws after last Tuesday’s terrible storm. Your reporter watched as the wind blew so strong and swirled the rain and leaves so much I couldn’t see. The lawn furniture blew and when I went to the other side of the house three almond trees had blown over, one where our pickup had been parked the night before! Of course the power was out and the computer backup beeps and the dog Jack doesn’t like beeps so I had him on my lap!

Carol Davis had a tree blow over into her driveway and her grandsons had to walk to her house to tell her.

Michael and Maureen Mckibban had a tree go over into the fence of their pasture.

Dick Muniain had four trees go over. Dick’s neighbor has some large oaks go down. Cindy and Lou Dias had a big limb just miss their house.

On Orange Blossom and Rodden roads there were trees in the roadway and traffic had to be diverted. Some of the trees were huge oaks.

Laura and Eric Ray had their greenhouses blow past their house and were on the Channel 3 news. The weather reporter said that Knights Ferry had gusts of 51 miles per hour!


Welcome to new and returning students at Knights Ferry School: Isabella Oberton, Joseph Morua, Naya Morua, Annabel Lee, Elijah Elting, Alexis Elting and Avalea Yates.


Congratulations go out to Bill Wearin on his hole-in-one on the Ripon golf course. Ellen says he will never quit now!


Hurry and get over pneumonia Ken Morris.


Dr. Janet Skulina, Principal/Superintendent of Knights Ferry School, was impressed on the response to her birthday. She had posters, songs and hugs from the student body. She said it was a great day!


February 4th is the Community Club dinner meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the clubhouse. Please plan to attend, as the final plans for the Civil War Spaghetti Dinner will be discussed. If you have items to donate please bring them also.