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Knights Ferry News 2-3-21
Nastasia Sweet

The power outage on last Sunday also caused a few problems for the Knights Ferry Water District and it left the town with little to no water. Thankfully, the Water District was able to repair the problems and restore water to the town! The wind storm managed to tear off a large portion of Tracy Griesner’s roof as well as a chunk of the Patton’s home and a few trees along Orange Blossom. One tree completely blocked the road and any of the locals who were headed into town on Orange Blossom early in the morning had to turn around and go all the way around to the highway!


Reminder: The Odd Fellows monthly pancake breakfast is cancelled until further notice.


Knights Ferry School is busy building a school farm and it has been the team work of Dr. J, Mrs. Moore, and parents of the school who brought this dream to real life. They have a three-phase plan including animals, fruit/nut trees, and finally a vegetable/fruit garden. The staff is busy adding a science/farm curriculum tailored for each grade to combine education, local agriculture, and another choice of free play during recess.

The school is currently implementing phase 1 by building structures to house animals. They recently acquired two goats from the local area including one birthday present goat named Cocoa for Dr. J and a chicken coop with chicken donated by the Johnson family. They plan to acquire more animals over time through rescue.

The PTC has repurposed their science budget for the year and the Sachau, Moore, Booth families are contributing to the upfront costs to build the farm. The Roach family will be supplying veterinarian service as needed. They are also unveiling an online sign-up sheet for anyone who would like to contribute and help with the farm. They are in need of more supplies and have an ongoing request for feed until they can self-sustain. Please contact the school for more information on how you can help contribute to this unique and important project!


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