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Focus On Energy Savings During Summer Months
Energy save

As temperatures heat up this week PG&E wants customers with air conditioners to know they can cool their home for less as temperatures climb. PG&E has four simple ways for customers to save energy and reduce cooling costs.

Raise the thermostat when at home and turn it up when leaving: Customers can save on annual cooling costs for each degree the temperature is increased in their home during the hot summer months. Set the thermostat to 78 degrees when at home, health permitting. Turn it up to 85 degrees when not at home.

Check air filters once a month: Heating and cooling consume the most energy in the average home — up to 50 percent of total home energy use. Dirty filters cause your system to work harder to keep the area cool, wasting energy and money.

Consider purchasing a smart thermostat for your home: Through PG&E’s Smart Thermostat Rebate, customers receive a $50 rebate on the purchase of new smart thermostat to help save on home heating and cooling costs. Visit PG&E’s Marketplace to compare and shop for qualifying ENERGY STAR® models.

Maintain your air conditioner: Customers can lower their monthly energy bill by keeping air conditioning equipment working at top efficiency. PG&E’s AC Quality Care Program offers a free AC assessment ahead of summer and a list of available AC-related rebates.

To take advantage of additional programs, tools, and savings opportunities, PG&E recommends customers:

Go to and sign up for a free online account. Signing up to access an online account is critical to customers’ understanding their energy use. When logged in, customers can also, review energy use and costs, compare bills, and more.

Find a rate plan that works best for their home at Customers can analyze their energy usage and find the lowest cost or most convenient rate plan, based on their electric use history. PG&E customers can also explore new time-of-use rates to determine what works for their home.

Avoid bill surprises with Energy Alerts and Budget Billing. Customers who need help balancing their budget and avoiding bill surprises can sign up for the free Bill Forecast Alerts at to be alerted by text, phone or email if their monthly bill amount is projected to exceed the amount they specified. Customers who wish to receive a more consistent and predictable monthly bill based on their average annual usage can sign up for Budget Billing at

Take a free Home Energy Checkup at This simple web-based assessment allows customers to find out how much of their household’s energy goes to heating, hot water, appliances, and lighting. Customers will receive a personalized list of ways to reduce energy and lower their bill. It’s free, easy and takes only five minutes to complete.

For more tips on how to save this summer, visit